Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Agile Tour 2009 Open Jam Part 1

Agile 2009 came to Philadelphia and had some great sessions. It provided information for people new to Agile as well as experienced.

One of the three options available included an Open Jam. We had 3 topics that covered Certification, Scrum is Evil?, and Agile in a ERP. I want to thank all of the people who attended Open Jam. The discussion was great. For those who missed the sessions consider joining an open space discussion in the future.

The notes I have are based on index cards that were captured as part of the discussion. This blog entry will only cover the Certification topic that took place during session one. Look for the next entries in the coming days.

There were three main topics that came around our starting point of Scrum Certified Developers and scrum.org.

Certified Developer
Training $4,000
Who can pay for training
3 day scrum training
Can't teach in 40 hr course
Language Specific certification is Bad
What skills should Agile developer have
Agility assessment
scrum.org scrum assessment online test
Who's plan is best for training?
Tom Mellor is the new Pres of Scrum Alliance
World Scrum board

What is Agile?
Distributes agile
Dev in one area, QA elsewhere
Lean vs Scrum, XP is Dead?
XP, pairing, TDD
Tracer bullet
Product people/QA Agile training is challenge
Team easy to work with
TDD is not QA
Use Manifesto to help push Agile
Buffet of practices
New AgilePhilly site, no feedback
General feedback people do not give
Start up XP/Scrum problem with no customer
Customer quick iterations
Feedback to create new stories

Who tries to learn Agile
Incremental learning
Practices of an Agile Developer - Book
Read books
Participate in an Open Source project
Warcraft Quests to level up in Agile
Technology is always changing
Everyone is a social Web expert
Acknowledge flaws and improve
Blame/ownership CoCO
Egoless developer
Awaken developers abound Ego hold back
Discussion groups help learn
Hire for behavior not knowledge
Able to adapt to new environment
Teach other to learn
Learn from others

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Sebastian said...

Thanks for driving the open jam Doug. I really enjoyed all the conversations and I think that everyone that showed up learned something last night.

A lot of good stuff happened thanks to you.

Following up by publishing the cards is just the icing on the cake!